Children are gifts from God.
Cultivating a strong and healthy bond between parents and children starts as early as the newborn stage.
While the Mother needs to learn to breastfeed, change diapers, bathe for the Baby and many other tasks, she is often deprived of much-needed rest.

During the confinement period, learning new skills and knowledge together with taking care of the Baby could be very tiring, tedious and burdening not only to the Mother but also to the Father, especially if they are new Mother and Father.

As such, TLC Confinement Center is established to provide complete postpartum care and services to the Mother, the Father and the Baby throughout the confinement period.

TLC Confinement Center is ready to provide a resting place as comfortable, secure and private as a home with well-equipped facilities. Providing complete care to new mothers and newborn is our sacred responsibility. We are ready to provide a resting place as comfortable, secure and private as a home, and the facilities in our centre are complete and well-equipped , comparable to a hotel.TLC Confinement Center brings together a professional team of medical consultants, and nutritionists to customise nutritional meal plans for the new Mother. TLC Confinement Center is a one-stop confinement centre and takes care of all the needs during the Mother’s confinement period.



Experience a positive confinement stay and make yourself at home.



Experience a positive confinement stay and
make yourself at home.

Why Moms Choose TLC Confinement Center

Having a baby is a wonderful part of life for many women.

For those that have always dreamed of being a mother, it is a critical rite of passage. However, there is also a lot of work that goes into having a baby, both during the process as well as right after the birth.

This is a time when all the focus goes to your precious newborn and their needs. As a result, you, the mother, and your needs often get neglected.

Located at Setia Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, TLC Confinement Center is the solution if you are a new mom and you are having a hard time taking care of both yourself and the baby. Here are some of the values we are fully committed to at our wonderful confinement centre:

It’s all about moms and babies. Sorry Dads!

It’s understandable that with a new baby in house, the mother and her needs are going to get set aside. It’s not that daddy doesn’t love mommy anymore, it’s just that newborns are very fragile and need more attention. The challenge of taking care both the mother and the baby, not to forget your day job can be overwhelming.

We often forget that during the confinement periods, moms need special care to recover both physically and mentally. Here’s where good confinement food, nursing care, good sleep come into the equation. With an infant that requires much attention at all times, the to-do list can be quite long.

TLC Confinement Center is all about mom and what she needs to keep herself in great shape. To do that, we make sure that the baby is placed in the best hands possible. We are strategically located at Setia Alam and is perfectly suitable for parents around Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong, Shah Alam, Sri Petaling, Petaling Jaya and Setia Alam area.

We prioritize baby care and mom care

Our experienced nursing team in the wonderful confinement center are going to take very good care of our beloved mothers and make sure they are healthy and happy. Why? Because your charming newborn needs all the love he or she can get from the lovely mother.

That’s why we work hand-in-hand with the mother and respect every single detail while providing our professional advice. We make sure all the moms get enough rest and plenty of good confinement food so that they are ready to roll up their sleeves and prepare the little ones for their bright and glorious future.

Relief for the whole family

Located at a strategic location for parents around KL, PJ, Klang Valley, TLC Confinement Center knows just what you need. We give babies the support to make sure they turn out lovely and healthy after the confinement periods. We also provide good care for moms alike so they can have good recovery from labour.

Other family members can have a peace of mind as mom is going to be well taken care of alongside her baby. And, everyone can have a good-night sleep.

Professional nursing team in postpartum care

There are a lot of confinement centres in KL and PJ, but nothing beats TLC Confinement Center when it comes to the quality of our team. Our team consist of nutritionists, professional nurses and doctors to take care of the mothers and babies. We make sure that the best care and services are provided for both the moms and babies every single hour of the day.

Our friendly nursing team will be there 24/7 to help out the moms. Whereas our nutritionists will provide consultations on the dos and don’ts.Do not forget also that delicious and healthy food will be prepared by our qualified chef and will be provided.

Moms need time to heal after giving birth. Without help and support, it may affect them both physically and emotionally. We help moms recover from the fatigue of giving birth, and our doctors will attend to moms and make sure everything is well. The mother will have plenty of time to rest and watch over her baby. Not to forget we provide a safe and bacteria free nursery.

As one of the best confinement centers in Malaysia, we provide customised and personalised postpartum care so that everyone is taken care of throughout the confinement period.

Baby care advice and consultation

From the big things to the little things, mom is going to receive postpartum care in every aspect including physical, mental and emotional care.

The baby will be taken care throughout the stay by our nursing team whereas our doctors will provide consultation. From common baby sicknesses like fever, rash and vomiting to daily care and tips, we’ve got you covered. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with parents on baby care to help bring up healthy and lovely children.

As one of the best confinement centres in PJ (Petaling Jaya), Kuala Lumpur and Puchong area, we provide customized care for every mom and baby. We assure you that choosing TLC Confinement Center would be the best gift you can have for yourself and your lovely children.

Customized health food for recovering mothers

Normally a mother will be able to recover from labour with a protein-rich diet. That is why confinement meals play a major role. It helps to regenerate blood cells and ability to ward off cold. Only with well planned and healthy meals can a mother recover with lightning speed.

Our customized health food not only benefits the mother but also the baby. With enough nutritions and a healthy body, the mother would be able to feed the baby with their breast milk. Breast milk is not only rich of nutrients, breastfeeding can help nurture bonding with the baby.

At our professional confinement center in Malaysia , you’ll get access to all available resources so that everyone is being taken care of in the best way possible.

Contact Us Now

Whether you’re looking for a confinement center in KL, confinement center in PJ or confinement center in Klang Valley, get in touch with us. TLC Confinement Center will always give you the support you need. Call us for consultation and we’re sure you’ll find this is the best choice for you and your family.

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